Stage 2 Upgrade for DLP YXZ Stage 1 Kit - Includes Tuning

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Dirt Launch Powersports Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade for the YXZ1000R 

Upgrade your current DLP stage 1 turbo kit to a stage 2

  • Utilizes the factory fuel pump with 11-12psi of boost
  • Includes larger injectors  - DLP 530cc
  • Tuning is all done through the factory ECU - no piggy back to mess with
  • Electronic boost controller with ECU Boost control
  • Compatible with both SS and manual shift models
  • 2019+ Sport Shift includes a new ECU


  • High Boost on stock compression requires 97 or higher octane fuel.  This can be achieved by a mix of race fuel and pump gas or with an octane booster such as Boostane
  • Upgrading your engine to 9.5:1 Compression allows you to run high boost on high octane pump gas (91-93)


  • Valve Buckets / Lifters.  Stock buckets have shims that can kick out at high RPM under boost.  This results in dropping a valve and other damaged engine parts.  Our Shimless buckets solve this problem.  Shimless buckets or some equivalent valvetrain upgrade required for Stage 2
  • High/ Low Boost Harness: This allows you to switch between 12psi and 7psi of boost with the flip of a switch. Allowing you to turn the power down when it's not needed or run 91 octane when race fuel is not available 
  • Stage 8 locking fasteners, when installed properly, will not allow the turbo mounting bolts to come loose with expansion and contraction with heat cycles of the turbo