DLP Yamaha YXZ Stage 3 Turbo Kit - Tuning Included

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DLP Stage 3 Turbo Kit for the YXZ takes the proven formula from our Stage 1 and 2 kits, and upgrades the turbo to a Garrett GT2860RS with .86 AR


  • 270 rear wheel horsepower.
  • Built around a 9.5:1 Compression engine which is tuned for pump gas, even at full boost!!
  • Fits 2016+ model years Yamaha YXZ1000R 
  • Compatible with both SS and manual trans models  
  • Improved cold start and all around drive-ability over factory


What's Included

  • Fully Tuned - you send us your ECU and we send it back fully tuned.  No piggy back to mess or additional tuning necessary
  • Garrett GT2860RS with .86 AR upgraded to V-Band connection to exhaust manifold
  • Air / Air Intercooler with puller fan
    This is the same intercooler as our Stage 1, 2, and Pro-Turbo YXZ's competing in the Championship Off-Road Series.  Our intercooler has been tested to 400+hp
  • Intake piping to turbo with foam air cleaner and Outerwears filter cover
  • 530cc Fuel Injectors
  • Coolant, Oil Lines, and necessary fittings for installation
  • DLP Oil Distribution Block
  • Silicone couplers and clamps necessary for installation
  • 3-Bar Map Sensor
  • Downpipe to connect the turbo to any YXZ slip-on (straight pipe full exhaust also available)
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Exhaust Manifold
  • Boost Controller



Parts necessary for the Stage 3 kit.  If your YXZ already has some of these upgrades with non-DLP components, please contact us for compatibility.


Optional Parts:

  • Donaldson Intake Upgrade  
    We highly recommend this optional Donaldson intake system for dusty or wet conditions. We designed this intake upgrade to mount the filter housing above the bed to prevent water from entering the intake when driving through water crossings or puddles. This kit includes a tube mounting bracket to bolt to the stock roll cage, a Donaldson intake housing with dual filters for maximum filtration, and all of the intake couplers and mounting hardware required to mount to a factory roll cage. Custom piping may be required to fit aftermarket cages

  • High / Low Boost Harness    
    This allows you to switch between 14psi and 22psi of boost with the flip of a switch. Allowing you to turn the power down when it's not needed

  • Stage 8 Locking Fasteners
    When installed properly, will not allow the exhaust bolts to come loose with expansion and contraction during heat cycles of the turbo, manifold, and downpipe