Dirt Launch Powersports Stage 3 Turbo Kit 2016+ Yamaha YXZ

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Building on the proven success of the Stage 1 and 2 Turbo kits, we have taken it up a notch for our stage 3. All new for 2021 is the DLP Stage 3 turbo kit. We redesigned our short runner turbo manifold to accept the Garrett GT2860RS V-Band Entry Turbocharger. This new turbo allows us to run 20+psi of boost efficiently and effectively.


Upgraded connecting rods and 9.5:1 compression pistons are required. Low compression pistons will allow the use of 91 octane fuel even at 22psi.

All of the fuel system upgrades to support 300+whp are included

Preliminary Stage 3 testing nets a result of 270 rear wheel horsepower.  

Fits 2016+ model years Yamaha YXZ1000R 

Compatible with both SS and manual trans models  

Includes larger injectors that will support upwards of 300 wheel HP

Improved cold start and all around drive-ability over factory  

Utilizes our large air to air intercooler and designated fan for maximum cooling of the intake charge

Comes standard with a UNI air filter and Outerwear's with the option to upgrade to a large Donaldson intake for dusty or wet conditions

Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel exhaust manifold V-Band Connection

Full turbo back exhaust is included- this exhaust is a straight pipe exhaust and does not include a muffler 

Tuning is all done through the factory ECU

ECU Boost control

Garrett GT2860RS Ball Bearing turbo with .86 AR exhaust housing and internal wastegate

V-Band Connection From Turbocharger To Manifold

Additional parts included

Drop-in Aeromotive Fuel Pump Kit that will support upwards of 300whp 

DLP upgraded valve springs and retainers

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners - when installed properly, will not allow the exhaust bolts to come loose with expansion and contraction during heat cycles of the turbo, manifold, and downpipe


Additional Parts Not Included, but required

Engine Internals:
OEM quality 9.5:1 compression pistons and upgraded rods or the option to upgrade to CP pistons and Carrillo rods

Shimless Valve Buckets
Shim measurements will need to be put in the note section of your order or emailed to info@beyondredline.com when you have the shim numbers available

Upgraded Clutch

2019+ models will require a new ECU


Optional Parts

Donaldson Intake upgrade:

We highly recommend this optional Donaldson intake system for dusty or wet conditions. We designed this intake upgrade to mount the filter housing above the bed to prevent water from entering the intake when driving through water crossings or puddles. This kit includes a tube mounting bracket to bolt to the stock roll cage, a Donaldson intake housing with dual filters for maximum filtration, and all of the intake couplers and mounting hardware required to mount to a factory roll cage. Custom piping may be required to fit aftermarket cages

DLP Alternator Kit:
The higher flow fuel pump draws more current than the stock fuel pump.  It's highly recommended to have an additional source of electricity to the stock stator.  Especially if you have any other electrical accessories on your YXZ

High/ Low Boost Harness:
This allows you to switch between 14psi and 22psi of boost with the flip of a switch. Allowing you to turn the power down when it's not needed 

DLP SS Clutch Upgrade:
This sport shift clutch upgrade is used in conjunction with the GYTR billet clutch basket and holds upwards of 300whp. If you don’t have the GYTR billet basket you will need to add that option as well. Click the link for more details

GYTR Clutch Billet Clutch Basket:
Includes the GYTR billet basket and all new clutch disks, friction plates, and new gasket 

Barnette Pressure Plate: 
Manual transmission only. Converts stock diaphragm clutch spring to six coil springs and provides a more progressive, linear engagement. Included is a billet aluminum pressure plate, six heavy duty springs, spring cups and bolts. Replaces the stock pressure plate/spring with no modifications required.

Spark Arrestor:
Optional spark arrestor to install into your exhaust for places that require them. Some locations do consider a turbo as a spark arrestor so check your local regulations.


*Please allow up to 3 weeks lead time as this kit is built to order*

 ⚠WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov