Dirt Launch Powersports YXZ Intake Shield KIT 2019+

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DLP 2019+ intake shield 


Installing one of our Dirt Launch Powersports air intake systems is a great way to improve the performance and power of your  Yamaha YXZ. 


The 2019+ intake shield consists of two pieces.

 The upper shield, designed to block heat from the rear mounted radiator and pull fresh air from the center console, similar to the factory airbox. 

The lower shield designed to fit around the factory coolant lines, blocks dirt and debris from covering your filter. 


Custom formed and made of lightweight aluminum, this shield will keep your filter cleaner with no airflow loss. 

 Note: We have noticed slight chassis variations which may require mounting holes to be enlarged to properly fit on some vehicles.* 








2019+ intake shield installation instructions 

Note* Recommended to use blue loctite or equivalent on all hardware

Install DLP intake system per the intake installation instructions


Upper shield installation


  1. Set the lower half of the upper shield on top of the engine 

  2. Install the front mounting tab to the factory airbox mounting location 

  3. Install the lower mount with the airbox mounting brackets utilizing the same bolt and lock nut


  1. Slide the upper half of the upper shield into the front slots in the lower half (the air/oil separator may need to be twisted slightly for proper fit)

  2. Pivot the back half down until the bolt holes align and install the two bolts 

  3. Using cable ties, secure the passenger side of the shield to the frame 

Lower shield installation 


  1. Install rubber grommets into the large holes on the bottom of the shield

  2. Set shield in place and hand tighten the upper bolt

  3. Center the bottom of the shield against the motor mount 

  4. Mark the center of the holes 

  5. Remove the shield 

  6. Drill the two holes with a 9/32” drill bit 

  7. Insert the two clips over the drilled holes

  8. Reinstall the shield

  9. Finger tighten the upper bolt once more 

  10. Thread the two step bolts and washers through the rubber grommets and into the clips installed on the motor mount

  11. Tighten all hardware 





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